npm install cookiecutter

While transitioning our main website to React & creating our design system at Lyst, I continuously kept hearing some variation of "we should setup Yeoman to make new components/containers/etc.". Maybe because Yeoman is quite complex to initially set-up or perhaps just because it's so powerful that the docs can be quite intimidating: nothing. ever. happened.


I built a thing 🍪 ✂️

Cookiecutter is a CLI for creating boilerplate files/folders based on templates you provide. It's kind of like Python's Cookiecutter but much, much simpler.

you can install via npm: npm install cookiecutter

Check out the docs on github.

Cookiecutter example
Example from one of our repos

👍 Cookiecutter supports:

  • Multiple templates with the ability to pick which template to use via the CLI.
  • Multiple fields per template with the ability to specify them from the CLI.
  • Custom validation & error messages for fields.
  • Any type of file or folder structure.

👎 Cookiecutter doesn't support:

  • Conditionals or any other logic in templates. (You can however achieve similar things by having multiple templates).
  • Bootstrapping a project from scratch (i.e "I have no code but need to set a project up").
  • Adding code to existing files.
  • Lots of other things Yeoman does support. Cookiecutter is really quite simple & isn't suited for complex use-cases.

Try it out

Find out more about how to configure cookiecutter etc. on Github.

Any feedback?

Would love to know what you think. Just open an issue or find me on twitter.